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  • Basic qualification is that the artist should complete 60 years before15th of December of the year concerned.
  • During the first three months in every year, public will be notified about calling applications through electronic and printing media and in addition, to this cultural divisions of District and Divisional Secretariats will notify the artistes.
  • The fully completed application can be handed over to the Department of Cultural Affairs together with the details awards and certificates received earlier and with copies of identity Card and the birth certificate. It can also be handed over to the Divisional Secretariat.
  • The Artists can apply for Kalabooshana, who were in the field of Areas for which Kalabhooshana award can be applied for Drama, Writing, Paintings, Sculpture, Carvings, Lacquour Puppetry, Acting, Dancing, Music, Poetry, Singing, Films and Teledramas, Baila, Angampora, Magic, Drumming, Mass Media, other folk Artist who have engaged in the field art more than 10 years by descent or professionally.

  • This is a programme of purchasing books to help writers.
  • Writers who wish to obtain help and hand over the completed application to with a copy of the book concerned.
  • This programme is in operation throughout the year.
  • Purchasing of books and the number of copies to be purchased will be decided by the Board of Surveying Books.
  • Copies of the first print only will be purchased; however purchase of copies of the second print in case of rare books and special books will be considered.

  • Persons who are engaged in the field of art without any income or pension and who have exceeded the age of 60 years can claim this aid.
  • For this purpose application forms should be obtained from the Divisional Secretariat of the area and the fully completed application should be sent to the Department of Cultural Affairs together with the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary to obtain the aid.
  • This is a program which operates throughout the year

  • Applications for the Dance Festival will be called by a newspaper advertisement and applications can be sent in accordance with such advertisement and the circular which will be made available.
  • There will be 3 rounds of competition. 1. District level 2. Provincial level 3. National level
  • Awards Ceremony will be held by the end of the year.
  • Registered Schools of the Art, Cultural Centre, Schools and other Art Association can participate in this program

  • Applications will be accepted from January to March. Applications prepared according to the newspaper advertisement and it should be sent with a copy of the drama script and three copies of its summarized form.
  • State, Children’s Drama Festival will be held in Sinhala, Tamil and English medium from this year.
  • There are three rounds of competitions.
  • Competitors can apply for the open and limited section, competitors is school are considered for the limited and Any one can apply for the open section.
  • Awards ceremony will be held at the end of the year.

The major role is to work for the advancement of literary in all the three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English. Number of programmes are carried out annually to meet this objective.

  • Holding the State Literary Awards Festival.
  • Conducting lectures on Literary to promote capacity of appreciating literature in School children and the public.
  • Conducting literary workshops in various parts of the island for promoting people’s power of literary appreciation of short stories, novels, songs and poetry.
  • Editing and printing of the magazine on “Literature”.

  • Applications are called from January to March every year by a newspepars advertisement. The completed application should be forwarded with a copy of the drama with the other prescribed documents.
  • National Drama Festival is held in Sinhala and Tamil medium.
  • Only the original dramas, translations and adaptations produced during the period from January 01st to December 31st in the previous year and can be presented to the State Drama Festival.
  • Awards ceremony will be held at the end of the year.

  • Applications are called from January to March every year by a Newspapers advertisement according to which fully completed applications should be forwarded with copies of dramas.
  • State short drama festival will be held in Sinhala and Tamil medium from this year.
  • Applications should forwarded with a copy of the script and three copies of its summary.
  • Any person can present himself for the competition.
  • Awards ceremony will be held at the end of the year.

  • Any Rupavahini creative work telecast of which has been completed before 31st December of every year can be presented to the Awards festival to be held in the following year.
  • Applications will be published through the electronic and printing media.
  • D.V.D. copy of the creative work telecast over the television should be submitted with the application.
  • Amateur television short films which were not telecast at the Television Award Ceremony will also he given awards.
  • All Television creations should be handed over together with a certificate of the legal owners of the Television institution