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Art Division

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Promotion of all activities belonging to the field of culture is the objective. For this purpose activities are carried out using the Head Office as the centre. A cultural officer has been appointed to every Divisional Secretariat office. Assistant Directors of Cultural Affairs have been appointed at the District level.  The main objective of the task in operation and organization of Cultural activities at national level.

The Art Division implements the following Services

01. Traditional Painters Project

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Department of National Museum and Sri Lanka Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority jointly carries out this project.

This project was maintained under the direction of Mr. S. P. Charles, eminent artist. He served as the lecturer in Sinhalese Art and Design at the Institute of Aesthetic and Head of the Department. He considers this course is only the one conducted by the government except the degree as well he state that this equal to an international Diploma course

The Traditional Painters Project is funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs.


02. Registration of Art Centres and Providing Aid

Non-government institute run by a person who possess qualification mentioned under regulation No. 05 of the new regulation for registration of Art Centres in the Department of Cultural Affairs or by another person who continuing employing a teaching staff with such qualifications and which has a daily attendance of not less than 20 students the Art centres which teaches art subjects recommended in any one of the categories mentioned in regulation 02 of the said regulations will be registered in the Department of Cultural Affairs.

The department will make its contribution for streamlining the cultural items inherited to our country and which are hidden at the village level. The prime objective of registration of Art Centres is to encourage such Art Centres by granting financial and other realistic aid. Musical and other instruments are supplied to these Art Centres which work for upliftment of indigenous culture including dance, drama and paintings.


03. National Trust for Artistes

This trust has to be established for the welfare of all performance and non-performance artists in Sri Lanka under the project of growing the field of art mentioned in the Mahinda Chinthanaya of the present government.

All artists including performance artists are in the field of drama, music, dance, television, cinema etc as well as non-performance artists such as writers, poets, painters and sculptors.

The objectives of this fund is to provide welfare to all performance and non-performance artists in Sri Lanka, to provide artistic work and their identity, evaluation of skills of artists, providing facilities to streamline their skills, giving them the necessary technical training granting a death donation in the event of death of an artist and granting every assistance generally to all artists to uplift their field of art with self dignity in an undisturbed and definitive atmosphere. Public trust Department administer this fund Local and foreign grants are expected to get this fund improved.


04. Granting Assistance to Various cultural items and persons of Cultural Value

Arrangements have been made by the Department of Cultural Affairs to grant some assistance to processions and various festivals of cultural value, at the time of sickness or distress of artists or at their funerals.

  1. Assistance to Needy Artists
    Artists who have exceeded the age of 60 years who were engaged in the field of art but are now without permanent income or pension can claim this assistance. For this purpose such artists should obtain an application form the Divisional Secretariat and the completed form should be sent to the Department of Cultural Affairs together with a recommendation of the Divisional Secretariat to obtain the money. This is a programme implemented throughout the year.
    This money is paid annually Previously a sum of Rs.2500/= was paid and this amount has been increased to Rs.3000/= in the year 2008.
  2. Perahera Artists
    Processions with cultural and social values confined to the respective area are conducted in various parts of the island. Financial assistance to such processions, when requested, is granted in order to continue them regularly. Requests for such assistance should be forwarded to the Department of Cultural Affairs together with a recommendation of the District Secretary or the Divisional Secretary. Financial assistance is given to the Divisional Secretary concerned.
  3. Financial Assistance for Various Festivals
    This is the payment made for various festivals of cultural value. The department of Cultural Affairs pay financial assistance for various cultural festivals organized by people in the field of arts at the Divisional Secretariat level. requests for this assistance should be sent to the Department of Cultural Affairs together with recommendation of the District Secretary or Divisional Secretary concerned. Financial assistant will be given through Divisional Secretary.
  4. Death Donations
    When reputed artists who brought fame to the country die, financial assistance is given by the Department of Cultural Affairs for the funeral or for the alms giving held after three months from death. This assistance is granted as a mark of appreciation of their value to the Country and the field of art.
  5. Medical Aid
    This is a payment made to the Artists to facilitate their medical treatment when they fall sick and become helpless. This programme is implanted throughout the year. When needy artists request aid for their medical treatment, financial assistance is paid upon medical reports and the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary concerned.


05. Registration of Cultural Associations

An organization of volunteers established within a standard structure and organized at the village, Divisional or All Island level for rendering cultural services with a systematic organizational pattern is recognized as a cultural association.

A statute has been formulated for registration of such Associations. No financial assistance is granted to them. By now 451 such cultural Associations have been registered throughout the island.


06. Kaladevi Insurance for the Artists

19 artists have contributed to the Kaladevi insurance Scheme from needy artists who receive financial assistance, they send a sum of Rs.900/= is the Insurance Corporation and they can receive insurance benefits in case of an emergency or sickness. On completion of 75 years of age, these benefits will e abolished.


07. Saraswathi Pension Scheme

This is a new programme established jointly on 11.08.2008  by Sri Lanka Social Assurance Board established under the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare, Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Department of Cultural Affairs. Caring for and bringing up of helpless artists and enhancement of their economic strength is a duty of the nation and a responsibility of the government. For the government has introduced a pension scheme for Artists and a monthly pension is paid to the artists.

The special feature of this scheme is that the monthly premium payable in respect of the pension Agreement Policy is paid by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Male and female artists who are in the age group of 18-59 years, are entitled to join this scheme. These Artists shouldn’t be included in any other pension scheme implemented by the government or not Govi   or fishery pension scheme .

When one joins the scheme between the age of 18 – 55 years, and is entitled to pension during his life time from his 60th year. Of one joins between the age of 56 – 59 years and, one is entitled to obtain the pension after 5 years of joining the scheme during the period of one’s life time.

First policy holders of Saraswathi Pension Scheme were Messer’s Mr. M. G. Upasena, Mr. T. Y. G. Upananda, Mr. O. P. G. Ravindra, Mr .Sampath Shyamakumars, Mr. S. Y. G. Wijesena and Mr .T. Y. G. Siripala, deeds were handed over to the persons by His Excellency President at the end of the Kandy Perahera in 2009.

Handing over of deeds to 71 artists who respectively completed 59 years, 58 years and 57 years was made on 21.10.2009, at the auditorium of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage. Now the number of members have been increased up to 81.

The Department of Cultural Affairs sends monthly a sum of Rs.255, 802/= to the Social Assurance Board for these members. From the year 2013, policy holders will receive a monthly pension of more than Rs.3000/= during their life time Top

08. Kalabhooshana Award Festival

Artists who are the life blood of the cultural life of a country dedicate their time wealth and labour for the preservation of culture, but their services are not adequately appreciated. Hence Secretary to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Director of Cultural Affairs started the Kaladhooshana Award festival in 1984 in order to appreciate their services. Since then number of artists who received awards were increased from year to year . Artists engaged in various field of art (music, dance, drama, literature, sculpture, painting, writing etc.) have been paid tribute without racial or religious (Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim) differences here in The Department of Muslim Affairs and the Department of Hindu Affairs  work jointly with Department of Cultural Affairs.

2014 Kalabhooshana Awards Name list (Sinhala) pdf

2014 Kalabhooshana Awards Name list (Tamil) pdf

2014 Kalabhooshana Awards Name list (Muslim) pdf


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