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You are here : Projects National Art Resort, Kundasale

National Art Resort in Kundasale

Taking ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’ of His Excellancy the President as a theme an aesthetic resort of national and international level is to be built at Kundasale in Kandy with facilities for both experienced and apprentice artists to

  • Conduct experiments
  • Further studies
  • Broadening the horizon of knowledge of the new generation through studying local and foreign art work

and for using physical, technical and intellectual resources for producing performance and other creative artistic work. It is proposed to provide

  • Workshops
  • Theatre halls
  • Libraries
  • Conservation
  • Sound studies
  • Training halls
  • Research centres and holiday bungalows.

Principal plan of this aesthetic resort has been designed by the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau and the project has been approved by the Cabinet  Ministers.

This project was proposed by the first budget proposals of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the estimated expenditure for the project is Rs. 465 million. By Now A land of 5 acres has been selected close to Kundasale town in Kandy and the land has been cleared, a protection wall has been built around the land with a gate. Constructions have been started.

The following constructions were proposed to be erected during the year 2011

Construction of roads, retaining wall, drains - stage I, Lavatory complex and the open air theatre has already been finished.

  • Construction of roads, retaining wall and drains - stage I
  • Auditorium
  • Open air theatre
  • Restaurant
  • Common toilet complex
  • Administrative Building

Of these, following constructions of work have already been finished.

මාර්ග සෑදීම රැදවුම් බැම්ම හා කාණු ඉදිකිරීම - 1 වන අදියර

පොදු වැසිකිළි සංකීර්ණය

Construction of roads, retaining wall and drains - Stage I Common Lavatory complex

Open Air Theatre

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