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நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள் : ஊடகம் செய்திகளும் சம்பவங்களும் “Arunalu” School Cultural Program

“Arunalu” School Cultural Program

“Arunalu” School Cultural Program is organized island wide by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, North-Western Development and Cultural Affairs together with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Ministry of Education, targeting school children with a view to usher in a future generation replete with creativity through heightening their sense of appreciation. The program is launched under four categories in 2017 i.e. composition of songs- Pipena Miurusara, Short video contest on arts and culture, Children’s Stories Contest- “Ape Lokaya” and the selection of the best school magazine.

Competitions are held under 2 stages at district and national levels. Steps will be taken to conduct special workshops for the children who won at district level to improve the competencies of children through reviewing their creative abilities. Students who secured the first, second and third places at district level will be evaluated and those with special skills will be awarded a merit certificate. National competitions are held for the creations that secured the first place in all 25 districts. Further details could be obtained from the cultural officers in the Divisional Secretariats and District Secretariats and from the members of divisional cultural boards of authority or through the website and arunalupaasala face book.

Closing Date of applications 25th July 2017

For further information – 0112872030/1